Not Today, Satan

The Elephant in the Room: I’m just going to say it: every time I hear the story of Adam and Eve, I think that they were kind of—well, dumb. I confess I’ve pondered that I would have listened to God and not eaten the forbidden fruit. I’m generally a rule-follower, and it wasn’t that hard. And if a giant, talking snake doesn’t scream RED FLAG to hightail it away from a tree, I don’t know what does. Obviously the serpent was lying, and they fell for it. This is all easy to think

Not Everything Happens for a Reason: What My Miscarriage Taught Me

One day my college roommates and I were feeling especially victorious after figuring how out to hook-up a portable DVD player to the stone relic that was our VCR/TV combo. In one of the many glittery episodes of Sex and the City that followed, Charlotte consoles her friend Carrie’s annoyance over a disastrous date, perkily declaring not to worry because “everything happens for a reason.” “That,” I thought, is “so true,” granting Charlotte and her stilettos as much wisdom as t



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