Disney Princesses In Need of Therapy

I can practically hear the 007 theme song as I stealthily observe my surroundings, Jackie-O sunglasses obscuring half my face in case I run into anyone familiar. The coast looks clear, so I reluctantly depart the safe-haven that is my car and make it across the parking lot in two bounds. Wait a sec--that probably wasn’t so breezy. I make a mental note to walk like a normal person and not a total spaz to avoid bringing attention to myself. One would think I am about to do some

The Importance of Being Kind to Ourselves: Transform Your Self-Talk From Mean Girl to Fan Girl

We all hear it sometimes. The little inner voice called self-doubt that greedily wants to bask in the spotlight of our life’s center stage. It can take the form of a drafty whisper or relentless bellow, heckling our performances and aspirations with judgments like “What makes you think you can actually do that?” “Why would they choose you?” “It would be better to not even try because you’ll just fail anyway.” Why is it so much easier to believe in other people more than ourse



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