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Published Articles

Hope and Happy Hour content is proudly featured in major publications

including Thrive Global, Motherly, The Wisdom Daily, Pregnant Chicken,

Health Journal, DG Living, and RELEVANT Magazine.

Four Tips to Help Ease Power Struggles With Your Children

Published in The Wisdom Daily

How to Distinguish Between Normal Worrying and Postpartum Anxiety

Published in Pregnant Chicken

3 Tips for Appreciating Our Postpartum Bodies

Published in Thrive Global

The Major Benefits of Apologizing to Our Kids 

Published in The Wisdom Daily

Tips that Actually Helped My Anxiety After 20 Years

Published in Thrive Global

Positive (and Effective!) Discipline Strategies Teachers Swear By

Published in Motherly

Ways to Help People Going Through Hard Times

Published in The Wisdom Daily

Simple Tips to Reduce Stress Instantly

Published in The Wisdom Daily

A Therapy Tale

Published in Health Journal

The Importance of Being Kind to Ourselves

Published in Thrive Global

Not Everything Happens for a Reason

Published in RELEVANT Magazine

Simple Methods to Help Foster Responsibility in Kids

Published in The Wisdom Daily

Overwhelmed? Try This Productivity Hack

Published in Thrive Global

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